Thursday, September 16, 2010

AL East is the new "World Series"

If you're a baseball fan and follow the MLB, you cannot help but notice the how ridiculously competitive the Al East has become over the past 3 or 4 years! Let me put it in perspective for you if you're unaware: three of the five teams in the division (Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox) all are in the top 7 best records in baseball right now (Tampa Bay and New York hold the two best records) . Three teams in one division! If you're Baltimore Orioles fan (like me) or a Toronto Blue Jays fan, you might just pack up and move it to the NL. I would never commit such a travesty to my team, but it doesn't look hopeful that the O's are going to be winning any pennants anytime soon.

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  1. The orioles looked good towards the end of the year. if they keep it up next year they could be the next Tampa Bay Rays.